Jerry Backs Garrett: 'I Like Where We're Going'


FRISCO, Texas – Speaking publicly for the first time since Saturday's playoff loss, Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones did not speculate on possible changes to Jason Garrett's coaching staff.

But Jones was clear on his support for the head coach.

"If Jason Garrett had been out on the market two weeks ago, he would have had five offers for head coaching. I know that," Jones told 105.3 The Fan.

Garrett told reporters Monday afternoon that the organization had yet to have discussions about the staff, though he doesn't expect significant changes. The first priority has been holding customary exit interviews with the players.

Jones said he gives the coaching staff "a good grade" for the season, citing the staff's ability to emphasize quarterback Dak Prescott's strengths, the improvement of the offensive line under promoted position coach Marc Colombo, and the way the offense compensated for the on-field absence of Travis Frederick due to Guillain-Barre syndrome.

It starts with Garrett, who is signed through 2019. Jones emphasized that "I like the direction that we're going in. I like where we're going."

"We've got a very young team. We've got a team that we've got going in a direction. We've got players we've got going in a direction," Jones said. "We make changes and you're going to change direction, and you may not know if you've got what those particular coaches or that coach has in mind relative to your personnel.

"But when you're sitting here doing contracts on players for years in advance and you're sitting here with investments in draft picks, stepping up here and making a change each year is tough. I've done that and I've been there and I know the price you pay."