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Jerry Jones' Advice For Terrell Owens

Needless to say, things have not gone according to plan for former Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens, who continues to hope for an opportunity to play in the NFL this year after being released by the Indoor Football League's Allen Wranglers two weeks ago.

Owens would seem to be out of chances after sitting out all of 2011, but having revealed the scope of his financial problems, is still hopeful. Last week he changed agents, from Drew Rosenhaus to Jordan Woy.

Woy, who represents a few current Cowboys, certainly has the number to Jerry Jones' office. The team hasn't expressed any interest in Owens, but Jones was asked on Tuesday what advice he might have for his former employee.

"First of all, he really can reach out to me at anytime because I consider him a friend," Jones said. "I would feel good if he reached out. I think that he really, without having first-hand knowledge of what kind of physical condition he's in, I know he's got the right stuff and he could help someone, because I've actually looked at some of the things that he did last year, and he's got the athletic ability to be quite a threat as a receiver.

"So, I would advise him, if he's still got the heart, and he does, to continue to try to get on an NFL team."

Jones maintained that the Cowboys are comfortable with the talent already assembled at receiver.

"If he just wanted to talk about it, I'd talk about it," Jones said. "We're not planning on doing anything at our receivers. Personnel-wise, numbers-wise . . . I have no plans to do anything different than what we're doing right now."

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