Jerry Jones: No Issues With Gregory & The NFL


FRISCO, Texas – No news continues to be good news for Randy Gregory, as far as the Cowboys are concerned.

That actually doesn't sound completely accurate. There has been a lot of news concerning the Cowboys' talented defensive end in recent weeks. But to hear it from team owner/general manager Jerry Jones, that news lacks substance, as Jones said Tuesday he is unaware of any information that would change Gregory's standing with the NFL.

"I just think that he'll be, absent any issues with his health, I think he'll be on the field and have no reason to think that he won't," Jones said.

Reports surfaced on Sunday morning that Gregory may be facing further league discipline as a result of a "substance-related relapse" in August. The report also indicated that the NFL may be considering a more tolerant approach to the situation, as it weighs the steps Gregory has taken since the setback.

Asked about it Tuesday morning in an interview on 105.3 The Fan FM, Jones said he didn't trust the merit of that report.

"I wouldn't make much of it. I don't think these reports have any substance at all if you really want to know the truth about it," he said. "It's really not good that you can have these kind of issues and have it speculated on and that in an of itself looks to everyone that there is something there."

It makes sense that Jones – and Gregory himself – don't appreciate the scrutiny. Reports originally cropped up in August that there was trouble looming for the troubled pass rusher, who was just reinstated from a yearlong ban this summer. That led to a round of questioning that only intensified when Gregory missed the preseason finale for a meeting with league officials.

Jones has said on numerous occasions that Gregory must walk a fine line with the NFL, given his history. That in itself can create uncertainty – which can also turn into speculation.

"I don't know where the media gets their way of expressing concern, other than the fact that his status in the NFL is one that requires him to really be succinct in how he handles his business -- which is unlike 95 percent of the players in the league, they aren't tested randomly," Jones said.

Unfortunately for the Cowboys, Gregory may be facing issues with his health heading into Sunday night's home opener against New York. He dinged his knee in Sunday's loss to Carolina – which he also wound up exiting with a concussion.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said Monday that Gregory appears to be recovering on both fronts. Gregory seemed to indicate that himself with a tweet on Monday evening.