Jerry Showing Nothing But Support For Garrett 


One of the biggest storylines throughout this season, even before it started, was the long-term future of head coach Jason Garrett, whose contract expires at the end of the 2019 season.

It has been widely speculated that Garrett would need to have a successful run in the playoffs to remain the head coach next season, although owner/GM Jerry Jones has never been specific in that regard, always showing nothing but support for his head coach.

And as the Cowboys now roll into the NFC Divisional Round this weekend against the Rams, Jones is sticking to the script. He's not exactly being specific in his plans, but he certainly hasn't wavered in his outlying support for his head coach.

On his weekly radio segment on 105.3 "The Fan," Jones was asked Tuesday morning about a possible contract extension for Garrett.

"Look at the situation and how positive it is..." Jones asked back to the radio hosts. "If you were in my shoes, what would you do?"

Jones also had a similar response following Saturday's win over the Seahawks when asked what a win like that does for Garrett's future.

"This win against a very credible Seattle team will make people think more highly of Jason," Jones said. "Look around at all the teams searching for red October and trying to find themselves a coach right now. We've got one that has a lot of experience on our dime over the last several years. I'd like to use it."

Jones added that he feels vindicated in the success both Garrett and the Cowboys have had this season, which includes winning eight of the last nine games, including his second playoff win in five seasons.

"I do. It's a feeling that I'm proud for him. I know how hard he works," Jones said of Garrett. "He's right there with the hardest working coach that we've had. That's supposed to pay off. He certainly has some things that he's worked on like all of us do. But I know that he's worked really hard to put a young team like this on the field. A lot his fingerprints are on this team. I'm glad he's having success as a head coach."

Saturday's game should also have its share of irony, considering that Garrett took over as head coach in the middle of the 2010 season when Jones fired Wade Phillips after the team's 1-7 start. Phillips had led the Cowboys to 13-3, 9-7 and 11-5 records the previous three seasons with Garrett as the offensive coordinator before the disastrous start in 2010. Garrett led the Cowboys a 5-3 record in the second half of that season and was officially named the head coach in 2011. Since then, Garrett has had just one losing season, but is 2-2 in just four playoff appearances.

Phillips, has become a defensive coordinator for several teams, including the Broncos, whom he helped win Super Bowl 50 to cap off the 2015 season. Now, Phillips is the defensive coordinator for the Rams, and will be trying to keep the Cowboys once again from making it to the NFC Championship, a spot the Cowboys have yet to reach since the 1995 season.