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Jones, Bryant Haven't Talked Since Club Spat

A player who has occasionally warranted extra attention from Jerry Jones because of off-the-field troubles, wide receiver Dez Bryant hasn't heard from the Cowboys owner since a January incident at a Miami nightclub.

Bryant was reportedly involved in a dispute with an entourage member of rapper Lil Wayne and was detained by police, but not arrested.

It isn't that Jones is giving Bryant the cold shoulder after his most recent disturbance, however.

"I have had communication, but I haven't talked to him. I've just been too busy," Jones said. "It was not a significant enough thing that would make that (necessary), to me. I can, and do and have talked to him throughout the time that he's been with the Cowboys about whether it be financial issues or whatever.

"I got the details of that and just didn't have the time, and didn't want to make the emphasis with him . . . It just was not something that I felt like I needed to run him down and talk to him about."

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