Last Chance?

McGee has passed for 220 yards with no interceptions or touchdowns so far in the preseason.

part of the 45 players. In fact, the Cowboys might have trouble finding him a spot on the 53.

If I had to guess, I'd say McGee makes it right now. He doesn't even have to play lights out Thursday night. Just continue to show progress. Make a few plays, show off the athleticism and strong arm. Just show some flashes and I think it'll be enough.

However, there are two things that won't be in McGee's best interest. First, he can't play poorly. If he flat-out struggles all night long, it certainly won't be the kind of lasting impression he needs to give Jerry Jones, Phillips and the coaching staff as they head into the cuts weekend.

Secondly, McGee doesn't need a bunch of injuries to occur at other positions. If that happens, the Cowboys might be desperate to keep certain players and will be forced to go heavy in some areas. That means your luxury positions get cut and right now, a third quarterback is a luxury spot.

But he can't control that part. What McGee can do is go out and play well and make the most of this opportunity.

Who knows how many more like this he will receive.

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