Last-Second Score Gives Cowboys NFC East Title

Last week, the Cowboys simply made the playoffs.
This week, they clinched the NFC East Division title, which assures them of their first home playoff game since 1998.
Step by step, the Cowboys are inching toward all of their postseason goals.
For the second straight week, the Cowboys (12-1) also had a chance to claim one of the two first-round byes in the NFC. However, they needed both Tampa Bay and Seattle to lose on Sunday. While the Bucs fell to Houston to drop to 8-5, Seattle was an easy winner against Arizona and improved to 9-4.
But next week, all the Cowboys need is a win over the Eagles or a Seattle loss at Carolina to clinch the first week off in the postseason.
As it stands currently, the Cowboys and Packers (11-2) have the two best records in the NFC.
So next week's goal will be getting the first-round bye. A win over the Eagles would do that. From there, home-field advantage throughout the playoffs would be the next priority, and the Cowboys just have to win two of their remaining three games since they own the head-to-head tiebreaker over Green Bay.

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