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Lasting Question


that. That's what we are. But we're a 2-7 team that just won one, so you're moving forward and you certainly have a better feel today, and it's nice to come in and have things talked about positively before you go to look at tape and be honest with yourself." 

Such was the locker room vibe as the Cowboys went about trying to be great on Monday. One week from now, one month from now and one year from now, are people going to be echoing Garrett's philosophies, or are they going to be rolling their eyes? 

"There's going to be tough times; we're going to be faced with adversity," Keith Brooking said. "More than anything I think that in order to stay in this league for a very long time you have to be consistent in your work, consistent in your approach on a daily basis." 

Can Garrett's coaching make this a team that prepares and plays well consistently the farther and farther they get from last week's change? Was Sunday about the coaching, or about the change? 

We're going to find out over the next six weeks.            

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