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LB Wilber Has Comfort On The Strong Side

While some talent evaluators, including our very own, viewed Cowboys' fourth-round outside linebacker Kyle Wilber as more of a weak-side player, the team's plan, instead, is to start him out on the strong side, at the "Sam" position.

He'll be behind Anthony Spencer, tasked with more run-stopping and pass-coverage responsibilities. DeMarcus Ware, the Cowboys' "Will" linebacker, is allowed to rush the passer on nearly every snap.

Though Wilber's 6-4, 250-pound frame is not ideally suited for the rigors of the strong side just yet, the Cowboys believe he can add bulk and hold up at the point of attack.

And at least it won't be a totally new concept for Wilber.

"At Wake Forest you just stayed on one side or the other," Wilber said. "Sometimes it was the strong side, sometimes it was the weakside, depending on who we played. It really wasn't a difference for us back at Wake Forest. Usually they would put me on the strong side if it was a team more run-oriented to the left side or the right side, so you have to be just a little bit more physical."

The Cowboys are seeing wat the rookie class can do for the first time on Friday, with the first two rookie minicamp practices.

"I'm expecting just to learn a lot of stuff from coaches and start to pick up on the defense," Wilber said.

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