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Let's Not Jump Again To Hasty Conclusions

say this coming Sunday or possibly Thanksgiving Day, but I'm betting I'm going to say Felix Jones. 

  In other words, the Cowboys most picked to win 11 or 12 games this year, not these knock-offs wandering through the middle of a season. 

  But again, be careful. Romo called this past game a "show-me" game, and having spent many years in the Show-Me State, maybe some of those somewhat skeptical qualities of those good people in Mid-Missouri rubbed off on me. I need to see it again. 

  Because so far, I've seen a troubling pattern of behavior that will not get the Cowboys in the playoffs, only playing to what we perceive as their potential when backs are planted firmly in wall. Lose three out of four, and they absolutely had to beat Tampa Bay or else. And they beat Tampa Bay. 

  Lose again the following week to the Giants, another three-out-of-four stretch of losses, and they absolutely had to beat the Redskins. And they beat the Redskins  

  This yo-yoing has to stop. 

  "We want the team to feel like every game is a must win, and that's what our message has to be for this next game," Phillips said. "Every game needs to be urgent." 

  So maybe, if nothing else, the Cowboys got a taste of what it takes to win consistently in this league. You better hope they liked the taste, because they will need more of the same if they are to amount to anything this year. There still is time. They still have the talent. 

  The Cowboys reluctant star, Marion Barber, showed off a battle scar from one of these types of games. He had a finger that looked more like a Humpback whale, sort of buckled and then sort of crooked. And even after a win where he rushed for a bruising 114 yards, he couldn't be drawn into anything more than chit-chat. 

  When asked how it felt Monday morning, he said, "Feels like a win." 

  When asked about his performance, he said, "That's what we did." 

  When told, yeah, but you were this or that, he again deflected, saying, "Write out those two right there," pointing to the lockers of Flozell Adams and Marc Colombo. "Write all about them." 

  He politely departed for a workout, knowing there was more work to do no matter how good this one felt. His sentiments should be passed around. 

  For as the old vet Zach Thomas cautioned, "But it's only one game. Let's see how we react against San Fran." 

  Yeah, what'll it be, teeter or totter?                                                                                       

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