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Lewis "Playing For Free" This Week in Detroit


One might think that a player whose last two home stadiums are "The Big House" in Michigan and AT&T Stadium, wouldn't see any other place as a "dream destination."

But that's exactly what Jourdan Lewis calls Ford Field in Detroit. Yes, it is the home to the Lions and where the Cowboys will be on Sunday in an attempt to get back on the winning track.

But for Lewis, a native of Detroit, playing at Ford Field was always an annual goal.

"This is what you dream of, playing at Ford Field," Lewis said. "Especially being from Detroit. That's what I looked forward to. Every championship game is at Ford Field. That's the destination everyone wanted to get to. Whenever we were in little league we wanted to get there, when we were in high school, we wanted to get there. So for me, playing there is a definitely a dream."

And it's not like Lewis never got the opportunity. He said he played at Ford Field "at every level," but it doesn't decrease his excitement to play at the stadium for the first time as a pro.

In fact, it sounds like his friends and family are just as excited.

Lewis said he learned of a few new friends and relatives this week as the ticket requests have emerged.

While he admits he's not buying tickets for people who barely knows, he still found himself purchasing 40 tickets this weekend.

"Yeah, 40 … I'm playing for free this week," Lewis joked. "And I had to scratch a few off the list. There's definitely some people hitting me that I haven't heard from in a while. After 40, you have to get your own."

But Lewis understands why so many close relatives and friends what to be a part of this experience.

"It's the NFL, everyone wants to be a part of it," Lewis said. "It definitely means a lot to see my family and have them here and give them the chance to see me play."

Of Lewis' six games with a turnover (three interceptions and three fumble recoveries), four have occurred on the road, including his 68-yard fumble return for a touchdown in the Cowboys' last road game on Nov. 4 against the Giants.