Lombardi: Romo Had Brady's Determination

Those are the words of NFL Network and NFL.com analyst Michael Lombardi, not Vince, who probably wouldn't have appreciated Tony Romo's backward hat.

This Lombardi, a former front office executive for six different NFL teams, said Tony Romo's performance against San Francisco Sunday is exactly what the Cowboys have to get from their quarterback in order to win each week.

A week after he was the league's biggest goat, people are suddenly realizing that Romo is pretty darn good. Writes Lombardi:

In Lombardi's talent-evaluating eyes, Romo has the skills to be as good as he wants to be, but tends to fall short when he settles for just being really good, not great.

On Sunday, Lombardi writes, Romo had "Tom Brady's look of determination" in battling through a fractured rib:

"When Romo plays with that sense of commitment combined with his talent, he can do damn near anything on the field. I love watching Romo when he has that look. Now, he needs to do that every week."

Those of us who are around him often talk about Romo's great competitiveness. Maybe we haven't been around Brady a lot, so it's difficult to compare, but we know Romo wants to win as much as anyone on the Cowboys. It's when the team as a whole catches up to him in terms of talent and want-to that he'll break through.

If desire is truly the only thing separating Romo from Brady, he'll be just fine.

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