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vouched for Canty as a person and a player. That was all the Cowboys needed.  

Since then, Canty has been proving his doubters wrong. Not only was he ready for the start of last year's camp, he played all 16 games, even starting two late in the season. This year, Canty opened the season as the starting right end with the Cowboys deciding to move veteran Greg Ellis to outside linebacker.  

"It's just crazy what all has happened in the last two years," Canty said. "Marcus (Spears) and I were talking abut that the other day about how all of it was going so fast. It just seems a few weeks ago that we were watching the (2005) draft and seeing who was in our draft class and coming in with us. Now, it's Year Two and it's moving by fast. We're just trying to develop into the players that we're supposed to be."  

No player early in his second season is usually where he wants to be. But Canty is not even close.  

He admits that. And while he appreciates Parcells sitting him down, Canty is the first person to tell you improvement is needed.  

"I wouldn't say I'm playing like I want to play, and the coaches and everyone around would agree that I could do a lot more to help our team win," Canty said. "I'm not saying that I'm going to get outside the defense, but I'm going to play with a little more sense of urgency. There are a lot of plays that I'm leaving out there on the field. And they would agree.  

"I'm going to take my workman-like approach and grind harder. I've been working harder in practice. I just want to get it turned around and start playing like I know I can play."  

Canty isn't one for excuses anyway, but he deems himself 100 percent in terms of his former eye and knee injuries.  

"I don't have any limitations there," said Canty, who still has a scar under his eye, but says he's fine with that because 'the ladies dig it'. "But I'm not wearing any contacts this season. And (the knee) is not an issue. I'm just glad to be past it and just get ready for the Philadelphia Eagles this week."  

And wouldn't it be fitting if Canty could have a breakout game against the Eagles?  

It was Philly who traded its fourth-round pick in 2005 to the Cowboys so they could draft him. Canty said there were several teams that passed on him that draft day.  

"There were a lot of people that didn't think I was going to play football again," Canty said. "But I'm here. I always knew I was going to make it back." 

Canty has made it back. And he's playing well.  

Scary thing is that both he and the Cowboys want him to play better.                                    

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