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Mailbag: 10-Plus Sacks For Gregory In 2019?


Better chance of happening next season: Byron Jones gets 5 INT's or Randy Gregory gets 10 sacks? - LANDON CABELL

Rob: I'll go with Gregory getting 10 sacks. I believe Jones will eventually get his share of picks. But Gregory got six sacks this year after missing essentially two years of football. Plus, his production improved as the season went on. With a full offseason I think he's got a chance for more snaps and more impactful plays.

Bryan: I think Randy Gregory is on the edge of being really good. A complete offseason for him with a weight program should be a huge benefit. I am going to go with him to get the 10 sacks.

All signs pointed to Kris Richard getting a head coaching opportunity after the work he did this past year with the defense. Any idea what happened and why he's not a head coach? Also, can we assume he'll be back here calling the defense next year? - JASON YEARY / CARY, NC

Rob: Based on reports out of Miami, sounded like the Dolphins narrowed it down to Richard and Patriots defensive play-caller Brian Flores, who's expected to get the job. Richard's other two interviews, the Jets and Bucs, went with offensive-minded hires – pretty much a league-wide trend this year. So yes, it appears he'll be back in Dallas. And while Rod Marinelli strongly indicated he'll continue coaching, Richard obviously will have a major role on the defensive staff.

Bryan: With clubs it's about the right fit at the right time. The fact that he did receive some interviews is a good thing for his career. He will get his opportunity one day. He's too good of a teacher and the players play hard for him. Expect him here for 2019 but not too sure after that.

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