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Mailbag: A Farley Hypothetical; Drafting A RB?


Let's assume — and possibly, pray — that the Cowboys draft Patrick Surtain II at No. 10 in the NFL Draft. It shouldn't happen, but if Caleb Farley drops down to No. 44 due to his injury concerns, but he's still rated in the top 20 by the Cowboys, do you think they would draft him as well? Or would they pass since they already drafted Surtain in the first round? — MICHAEL ANDERSON / OLD BRIDGE, NJ

David: That's a fun hypothetical, and for me it depends on who else is available. It'd be awfully fun to add that much talent to the cornerback depth chart, but can you afford to do it at the expense of your other trouble spots? I don't think I could draft Farley over a fantastic offensive tackle or a top-notch safety. But otherwise, I'm down to pull the trigger.

Jonny: I don't think they draft both players, no. They just have too many ways they could upgrade or strengthen their depth to double down at one position. I think in an ideal world their first four picks will be players they're excited about at four different positions and needs.

The life span of a running back is short. What are the chances the Cowboys draft some depth for Zeke in the third round? — JESSE LOZANO / CORPUS CHRISTI, TX

David: The structure of Zeke's contract likely means he's on the team for at least two more seasons, and Tony Pollard's deal also runs for two more years. Because of that, the third round feels awfully rich for my taste. But they do have six picks on Day 3 of the draft. If they see a running back they like on Day 3, I'd say go for it.

Jonny: I wouldn't bet on it. The Cowboys have a better backup running back situation than plenty of teams and they are paying their starting running back a lot to be great the next two years. They have too many other needs to worry about Zeke and Pollard not being enough.


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