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Mailbag: A 'What-If' Scenario With CeeDee?


If the Cowboys would have known that CeeDee Lamb would have fallen into their lap, would they have extended Amari Cooper or rolled with Michael Gallup and Lamb for the long haul? — RODNEY RASNAKE / DURHAM, NC

David: I think they still would have signed Amari. Like we always say, no draft pick – not even CeeDee Lamb – is a sure thing, and Dak Prescott has clearly built a heck of a rapport with Amari Cooper. You can never have too many good receivers. Not to mention, the Cowboys can get out of Cooper's contract in two years, which makes the deal less scary.

Nick: If the Cowboys would've known Aaron Rodgers was going to be one of the best ever, they likely wouldn't have taken Marcus Spears. I don't know why I used that reference, maybe because you just never really know how it's going to play out. But I think it's a really good question and you're right. If the draft was before free agency, and they got CeeDee Lamb, then no, I don't think you would've seen the Cowboys give Cooper that contract. But, that's how it goes and now they have one of the best trios in the NFL.

I have heard a lot about the length of Dak's new deal being a big holdup with reports saying Dak wants a four-year deal and the Cowboys want a five-year deal. Now that Dak has officially signed his franchise tag it got me thinking. If they don't reach a deal by July 15 and he plays this year out under the tag and then gets the four-year deal he wants next year, wouldn't he be hitting free agency again in five years either way? And if so, wouldn't it make more sense to take the long-term security now especially if the average annual salary is higher than the $31.4 million he is guaranteed this year? — JOSEPH DIGIACOPO / BOONTON, NJ

David: That's a really interesting point, but it's also hard to project how the conversation will change after the season. Not only will the asking price be different, but he might seek different terms next year. Overall, though, I still agree with you. Even if Dak wants a four-year deal, it'd be hard for me to pass up the guarantees that come with a five-year contract. I'm curious to see how people's attitudes change when the deadline gets closer.

Nick: Now this is a question from someone doing their homework. Good job! Now, I will add this: Who is to say that Dak's group won't be asking for a three-year deal next year if he plays on the tag? I don't know this, but I'd like to think they are doing these negotiations based off of how old Dak will be when his deal is up. Again, I'm not really sure about all that but you make strong arguments about him taking the guaranteed stuff right now – especially if you don't know what the cap will look like next year. In my mind, Dak would be crazy not to get a deal done before July 15.

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