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Mailbag: Add players who don't count against cap?


The discussion about how teams manage the cap is very interesting. How about this for food for thought? Each team can have one player on offense and one player on defense who does not count against their salary cap. Good idea or no?John Murray/Canuttillo, TX

Nick Harris: While that would be beneficial for fans given that – in the Cowboys example – Dak Prescott and Trevon Diggs would not count against the cap, who's to say that those non-cap players wouldn't ask for the moon in contract negotiations knowing that there is no limit to their number? It would also cause a nightmare for quarterbacks especially across the league who would expect to be the non-capped player when teams might feel more comfortable paying a receiver or an offensive lineman an astronomical number. It would create more problems than solutions at the end of the day, in my eyes.

Mickey: Not a bad idea and there is some discussion circulating about the possibility of employing a quarterback salary cap separate from the team-wide salary cap. That would seem reasonable since quarterback salaries have skyrocketed disproportionately over this last decade. Would also eliminate these false quarterback averages per year inflated by non-guaranteed money in the final year or two of the contract, bloating these QB salary averages far more than practical guarantees. I'd say one salary cap exemption.

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