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Mailbag: Adjustments For Dak? Playing Rico?


I know there are concerns about Rico Gathers as a blocker but he has made some spectacular catches in his preseason appearances. With the passing game in desperate need of a spark, do you think there is any chance we see him on the active game-day roster and given an opportunity to contribute? He would give Dak a nice big target that can make contested catches and help move the chains. - JOSEPH DIGIACOPO

Rob: I could see Gathers on the game-day roster at points throughout the season. Dalton Schultz only got two snaps on offense, and the Cowboys need red zone options since Dez Bryant and Jason Witten were valuable in that range. I do wonder if special teams gives Jarwin the edge, though.

Bryan: Need to see what the plan for him this week is. Watching the Giants on film it might be better to play with more receivers than tight ends.

With Dak getting pressured as much as he was in this past game, why can't the offense throw in a couple of designed rollouts? This gives him the option to run if it presents itself but he is also able to buy more time waiting for receivers to get open. -JIM WILEY / MARCELLUS, NY

Rob: More of that might get Prescott in a groove. He has shown he's very comfortable, and accurate, throwing on the move. But I will say that Carolina's linebackers flowed to the ball so quickly, the offense had trouble getting much going out on the edges. It almost felt like they had a 12th defender at times in the first half.

Bryan: The coaches tried to move the pocket with their waggle/boot package. Carolina did a really good job of taking that away. They could use their sprint game but never could get in the right down and distance to use it.

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