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Mailbag: Agree With Romo's Assessment?


Wanted your thoughts on a couple things Tony Romo said as a guest on 105.3 The Fan yesterday. One, he thinks the move to Kellen Moore as offensive coordinator is significant because, at least early in the season, teams don't know Moore's tendencies as a play-caller. Two, he expects Jason Witten to pick up where he left off because the tight end position isn't all about pure athleticism. Do you agree? Thanks. - MATTHEW K / PLANO, TX

Bryan: I agree on the unknown of Kellen Moore. I think that will help. As far as Witten, where he's going to help is his ability to use his knowledge and body to take advantage of defenders. Witten doesn't have to be a downfield player or great athlete but just a reliable one. This is why Romo said what he did.

Rob: I agree with both statements. Romo pointed out that teams will begin to get a read on Moore as time goes on, and that'll be the test for the first-year play-caller. But for now there's definitely an unknown factor, and that can be an advantage for this offense. Regarding Witten, I thought he moved well when we got to see him in offseason workouts. Maybe the time off helped his body. Romo's point emphasized that leverage is just as important as speed or quickness for tight ends, and Witten knows subtle ways to win on a route.

There has been an ongoing debate about what is more important in this league. The Cowboys seemed to be focusing on a pass rush instead of a pass defense. Some has said that not stacking the secondary with true quality players will hurt us in a pass-heavy league. What are your thoughts? - BARRY SILVERMAN / BROOKLYN, NY

Bryan: It's the chicken or the egg. DBs coach Kris Richard told you what he thinks is more important by drafting Trysten Hill, especially with all those safeties on the board when it was time for them to pick. Pass rush in his opinion clearly helps his secondary and I don't disagree with that view. Affect the quarterback with pressure and you can control everything else.

Rob: If you can't get pressure on great quarterbacks – several are on this year's list of opponents – you won't win. Period. No, the Cowboys did not make a free-agent splash or high draft pick in the secondary, but they do have quality players back there – young players whom they believe have their best football ahead. They didn't draft safety in the second round in part because they love Xavier Woods. Byron Jones made the Pro Bowl a year ago. Chidobe Awuzie, Anthony Brown and Jourdan Lewis are really talented. None are over the age of 26.

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