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Mailbag: Any Cowboys Pro Bowl Snubs?


Do you guys think anyone from this team deserved the Pro Bowl that didn't get in? Anyone you think got snubbed? - MIKE PALMER / FOSTORIA, OH

David: La'el Collins, for sure. The guy has been fantastic all season, and I feel completely comfortable saying he's one of the best handful of right tackles in the league. The problem is the NFC Pro Bowl team only features left tackles in Tyron Smith, David Bakhtiari and Terron Armstead. It seems unfair that right tackle isn't represented. I think the league should change the rules to feature two left tackles and two right tackles.

Rob: Given that Drew Brees missed five games for the Saints this season, I'm a little surprised Dak Prescott didn't get in. He's having a career year. So is La'el Collins, arguably the Cowboys' most productive lineman this year. But the Pro Bowl voting ended last Friday, when the team was still in the middle of a three-game losing streak. It's no surprise the teams with the most Pro Bowlers (Ravens, Saints) are atop the standings.

Zeke is looking good over the last three games. REALLY good. How much of that do you attribute that to Xavier Su'a-Filo starting? To me it's not a coincidence as we had the same results last season. - SCOTT LESHER / HANOVER, PA

David: I agree with you that Zeke looks great. But with all due respect to Xavier Su'a-Filo, I think it has a lot more to do with Zeke himself. The plays we're seeing him make don't seem like they're necessarily about blocking. We're seeing an added burst, a little bit more elusiveness and an ability to make people miss downfield. Su'a-Filo is playing well, but I think Zeke has raised his level of play beyond just his blocking.

Rob: I do think Su'a-Filo's best asset is his power in the run game. And you're right, Elliott has had a really good stretch here lately -- even during the three-game losing streak. But I do think Connor Williams took a step forward at left guard before his ACL injury. He brings a little different skill set, a little more athleticism, and Elliott has had some productive games with him in the lineup, too.

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