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Mailbag: Any cut-down day surprises coming?


With tomorrow being cut-down day, should we expect any surprises? Any under-the-radar guys (pet cats!) you're hoping make the roster? Ryan Patterson/Oklahoma City, OK

Patrik: One of the biggest sleepers in training camp will not make the 53-man roster in 2023, but it isn't because he didn't perform well. It's because he suffered a torn ACL. John Stephens Jr., the undrafted rookie who made some serious waves this summer, is now an injured redshirt. That being the case, I don't know that I'd see anyone else as a "surprise" to make the roster. With Asim Richards, Eric Scott Jr. and Jalen Brooks both having strong camps, I think I'd be surprised if the Cowboys waived any of their 2023 draft picks — particularly knowing what Deuce Vaughn brings to the table. I suppose therein lies a surprise of sorts, because that would mean Jalen Brooks survives the cut, but at the expense of whom? Aha, now that's a question … that you didn't ask. Wink, wink.

Nick Eatman: I think the NFL has changed so much here in the last few years that cut-down day doesn't seem to be as crucial as it used to be. Sure, you have to get the roster down to 53 players, meaning around 35 or so are going to be cut and exposed to other teams. But with a 16-person practice squad, coupled with the fact you can call up these guys on game day now, it doesn't make it as dramatic anymore. Ok so they cut a rookie running back today, that doesn't mean he's gone and doesn't mean he won't even be on the field Monday against the Giants. To answer your question, there's really not any under-the-radar guy that I hope make the team. I have been watching T.J. Bass a lot during camp and now with Josh Ball out for a little bit, it seems as if Bass would make the team, if he hadn't already solidified his spot.

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