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Mailbag: Any Guards Left? Honey Badger Interest? 


I keep hearing Dallas could add veterans to the offensive line prior to the draft to give them more flexibility should a "CeeDee or Micah" fall to them. The free agent pool looks thin, especially at the guard position. Who would you say may be a target(s) at this time for the Cowboys? Thanks. — ROB RIGGIERI / RUTLAND, MA

David: It's getting thinner by the day, as Will Hernandez and Ethan Pocic have both gone off the market within the last week. But there are still some options. Daryl Williams, Quinton Spain and Michael Schofield are all still available. You're going to laugh at me, but Ereck Flowers has played both guard and tackle and has started more than 100 NFL games. If the front office doesn't like those options, maybe they could execute a minor trade for a veteran. One way or another, I think they need to do something.

Nick: I'll let Dave handle the names you're looking for. All the lists of available guards include Spain and Schofield. I don't know many of those guys myself. I do want to throw out another option here. Let's not overlook another avenue to add veteran players, although it's not something the Cowboys do often. But they've got four fifth-round picks. That's a pretty good round to send to another team for a veteran player. Sometimes a team will draft players in the first few rounds and that will make others on the roster expendable. And we all know that teams covet picks – probably more than they should in my opinion. The minute I saw Randy Moss get traded to the Patriots for a fourth-round pick, I was always sold on adding veterans for late-round picks. So to me, I'd be looking at that option here. Trade a pick for a player maybe in the final year of his four-year deal and someone that might not be returning on a second contract.

I'm seeing quite a few articles saying that Tyrann Mathieu could be a good fit on the Cowboys. Do you think he would be a good addition? — H. MELVIN

Nick: I don't think so. And I say that based off the rest of the needs and the amount of money it'll probably cost to get him. The Cowboys went with Malik Hooker as their free safety. They also re-signing Jayron Kearse, who will play a different type of role. Then there's Donovan Wilson and I still want to see Israel Mukuamu at some point. In no way am I saying that those guys are better than Mathieu, but the jury would be out that Hooker could be better if he's fully healthy. I just think there are better ways to spend the money. Now, if he somehow has these childhood dreams of wanting to see what the Honey Badger looks like in a Cowboys uniform and will come for cheap, then of course, do it. I just doubt that's the case.

David: Tyrann Mathieu would be a good addition to any team that wants him. He's a fantastic football player and arguably an even better locker room presence. The problem for the Cowboys is that I think they've already invested pretty significant resources to bring Jayron Kearse and Malik Hooker back. Obviously, you could find a way to get all three of those guys onto the field together, but I think the problem comes in when you factor the size of the contract Mathieu will want. I'm not sure it makes sense from a roster-building standpoint. Don't get me wrong: I'd be elated to see one of my favorite-ever football players suit up in Dallas, but I don't see it happening.

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