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Mailbag: Any players needing to show something?


We've heard a lot of good news out of training camp, and rightfully so. This is a promising team. But now two weeks in, do you have any big concerns? Are there any unexpected players who need to start showing something if they want have a role this year? Jason Nichols/Sacramento, CA

Nick Eatman: I don't know if anything is that "unexpected" at this point when it comes to players who need to step it up. This team is talked about as much as any other team, so if there's any concerns over a player and/or a position, it gets discussed. I don't know if it's right to talk about one specific player or two and say they need to pick it up or else. But the writing has been on the wall for a lot of these second and third-year players, even guys that were drafted. If you're having trouble getting second-team reps, then it's a good chance you're on the bubble to get cut. And if you look around the depth chart, there are some drafted players that are in that spot. Those guys, for sure, need to step it up.

Patrik: K-I-C-K-E-R. I stood on the table regarding this this offseason and again to open training camp — asking owner and general manager Jerry Jones if they team was considering adding a third body for competition. They opted to not, and now they're down to one, namely Brandon Aubrey, and though he bounced back well on Monday after the poor showing during the Blue-White Practice, I need to see more. Could he be the answer to the question at kicker in 2023? Of course, because if he's on the team, there's a chance he'll prove himself. But I'd be disingenuous if I, having wanted to see three bodies, would suddenly say I feel … better … there only being one here in early August? I look around and, sure, there are some other positions I can pick a guy out of to answer this question, but none of them holds a candle to my concern surrounding the kicker issue. My hope is Aubrey, or someone, can put my mind at ease — once and for all.

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