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Mailbag: Any Special Teams Unit Playing Better? 


People always say there are three units to a football team (offense, defense and special teams). The way they are playing, do you believe that special teams are playing the best of these three units for the Cowboys right now? Also, is there another special teams unit in the NFL you would rather have other than the Cowboys'? – Brian Geiger/Lagrangeville, NY

Patrik: I love this question for the simple fact it's very easy for everyone to overlook the value of a dominant special teams unit, and the Cowboys have exactly that: one that dominates and changes games. I'd argue that, through the first 10 games of the season, it's definitely been the most consistent in its greatness and, for that reason, I'm willing to agree that it's the best unit in Dallas right now. The offense has had its struggles and is still trying to find consistency, as is the defense that carried the team for much of the first half of the season but – prior to Week 11 – became the villain by failing to stop the run. Through it all, Brett Maher has played at an All-Pro level and everyone from Dorance Armstrong (blocked kicks) to Kelvin Joseph to Luke Gifford, and more, have this unit absolutely HUMMING. 

Nick: It's hard to study the other teams like that. We see the offensive and defensive players, but aside from some crazy punt returns and maybe game-winning field goals, you really don't notice a lot of great performances on special teams. But what we do see is the Cowboys, and yes, you're right about that. The Cowboys are playing very well on special teams at the moment. The kicking has been superb with Brett Maher, who has exceeded anyone's expectations. Bryan Anger maybe won't get back to the Pro Bowl again, but he's a weapon and KaVontae Turpin is one of the NFL's best returners. Plus, they've blocked punts and field goals this year. All we need now is for Turpin to take one to the house and something tells me it's going to happen in one of these next three home games.

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