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Mailbag: Are The Cowboys Done Dealing?


With the trade deadline closing soon, are there any other potential positions that the front office may consider filling? - TYRONE YOUNG / ALBUQUERQUE, NM

Bryan: Been hearing that they are still fielding calls at all positions and if the right deal would somehow present itself that they would act. It's just a matter of that deal working out for them.

Rob: The deadline is Tuesday at 3 p.m. Central, just FYI. Cowboys chief operating officer Stephen Jones told 105.3 The Fan that the team didn't really have anything "on the front burner" as of Friday. He added, "Certainly if we see something that would improve this team that makes sense for us, we're not limited to just one trade." With Tyrone Crawford on injured reserve, finding additional help in the defensive line rotation was clearly a top priority.

Have people been overly critical of Connor Williams? I have felt as though he has held his own against guys like Fletcher Cox and Aaron Donald. Has he been criticized so much because the success of his counterparts, and is that fair? - TANNER CARLSON / CROCKETT, TX

Bryan: I always remind folks to grade these offensive linemen on 65 to 70 plays and not the two or three that might be poor. I feel like Williams has not been as poor as everyone wants to believe. It all comes down to when the team loses, fans are looking to blame it on something and he is the easiest one to do that to. It's just the way we operate in this day and age.  

Rob: I thought Williams really did a nice job getting out in space and making second-level blocks for Ezekiel Elliott in the run game against Philly. I think the general observations about Williams as a rookie (needing to add bulk and strength) were valid. But, yes, it's a high bar on this line. Zack Martin was a rookie Pro Bowler, Travis Frederick was in Year 2 and Smith in Year 3. They made this job look easy for someone right out of college. It isn't.

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