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Mailbag: Are The Redskins and 49ers Rivalries About To Return?


Do you get the feeling the rivalries with the Redskins and 49ers are about to come alive?

Rowan: Absolutely, regarding the Redskins. The rivalry's always existed in Washington, and the existence of Robert Griffin III will add to it, especially if they continue to win. The only way it will revive with the 49ers is in the playoffs, considering the Cowboys don't have San Francisco on their slate this season. That game would be heated if both teams face off in the playoffs.

Nick: I don't think the Redskins rivalry has changed too much. But anytime the teams get better and play for more than pride, then yes, it will be a better rivalry. As for the 49ers, that's only a rivalry because they've met in the NFC Championship Game so many times, including three straight in the 90s. Unless it's a division matchup, rivalries are only deemed that way in the playoffs. So yes, if the Cowboys and 49ers start playing regularly in the playoffs, then I'd yes to that. But definitely can see it being more intense with Washington, considering there is Texas kid as the face of the franchise.


Is the hard-running Phillip Tanner a better relief guy for DeMarco Murray than Felix Jones, who may be better as just a change-of-pace guy?

Rowan: I have a feeling both Tanner and Jones will get their opportunities in the coming weeks. Jones won't finish the season without a carry. Tanner helped out last year and could potentially be a better answer behind Murray, but he needs to show it this year in a regular season game to supplant Jones.

Nick: I think Jason Garrett would say that a change-of-pace guy is a better fit to relieve a running back like Murray. I'm not sure the pace gets changed very well right now with Felix in there. The pace seems to be slower and not as quick. I think what you need to think about when evaluating Tanner vs. Felix is how well they understand the offense and pick up blitzes. I still think Felix has the big advantage there.

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