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Mailbag: Assessing Micah Parsons' Progress?


Haven't heard much about Micah Parsons since he was moved to linebacker, but I noticed on the Trevon Diggs interception in New England, that Parsons made two blocks that allowed Diggs to take it all the way to the end zone. How is he grading out at linebacker? — JIM WHATLEY / HENDERSON, TX

Rob: We've talked about Micah Parsons a ton — maybe not quite as much since the first three weeks of the season, when his move to defensive end was the biggest story on the team. I think he's played well at linebacker. He was upset with himself after the Patriots game because he wants to make those impact plays — a sack, a big hit. He's still been doing a little bit of everything on defense, including blitzing and rushing in third down situations. But the Cowboys needed his speed in that game to help counter the Patriots' running backs and tight ends in space.

David: It's harder to make game-changing plays at linebacker than edge rusher, so that makes sense. I think he's done a great job of bringing his speed and physicality to the field. It's going to come with growing pains, but I've been impressed. Hopefully the Cowboys don't forget about his versatility and continue to allow him to wear several hats.

Everyone seems to be praising Kellen Moore and Dan Quinn and rightfully so. But you very rarely hear about Joe Philbin and the job he's done with the offensive line, especially the young players. Do you think he's getting the praise he deserves? — PHIL PROCTOR / SPRINGFIELD, VA

Rob: Joe Philbin has done an awesome job going back to 2020. Think about the number of offensive line combinations the Cowboys had to play last season. That's not easy to manage. The line has had better continuity this year and the results have been excellent. The biggest thing is young players' development, as you mentioned. They're happy with Connor McGovern's progress, even though he hasn't played much. Terence Steele's improvement is obvious. And remember, Tyler Biadasz only got four starts last year compared to Steele's 14 and McGovern's eight. He's had some tough matchups to start this year and he's still growing as a player, but has done some good things as well.

David: Great point. It's remarkable how well this offensive line weathered the storm last year and has benefited because of it. We've talked about this on our podcasts, but it couldn't have been easy for Joe Philbin and Mike McCarthy to stick with these young guys last year, keeping an eye on the big picture. It's paying dividends now.

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