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Mailbag: Best Choice Between The Two Connors?


Seems it is about time the Cowboys move on from Trysten Hill. With his injury history and this two-game suspension. He just gets back with the team and pulls this stunt! What do you guys think? _— WILLIAM MILLER / CANTON, TX_

David: I think it's incredibly weird how many people want to try to ruin a guy's career because they're frustrated with him. How many emails have we answered over the years about cutting Randy Gregory? It's very fair to say Trysten Hill did something stupid and immature, and it's fair to say his career has been disappointing so far. What do they need to cut him for? He's a young player who has shown upside and still has some maturing to do.

Nick: Well, I didn't like what I saw on the video obviously. And the NFL didn't either of course. I did like what I saw from him during the game. Hill is a pretty good rusher from the inside and his motor is something that can take him a long way. But if you're talking about what you've gotten from him since he was drafted, I would say it hasn't met second-round expectations right now. I think he can develop into a good player but he still has a ways to go both on and off the field.

I know we have all been critical of Connor Williams, and the penalties he has had. Wasn't he a part of our O-Line that was running over teams? It seems like the line shuffling has been a concern of late. Has the coaching staff considered what was working before and what is going on now? Maybe put the pieces back the way they were. _— MICHAEL MARTINEZ / PORT LAVACA, TX_

David: This is the flip side of tinkering with the lineup. The backup is always the most popular guy on the team – right up until he isn't better than the original starter. I agree with you that I think the coaching staff is starting to tinker a little too much, but I'm not sure how big the dropoff is between Connor Williams and Connor McGovern. I said this on our podcast the other day and I'm sticking to it: ask Tyron Smith and Dak Prescott who they feel more comfortable with and roll with that guy.

Nick: I don't think you're wrong. The penalties haven't been a major problem with McGovern, but the running game hasn't gotten any better for sure. So you have to pick a side here. Personally, I think Williams maybe has done a little better in terms of blocking, other than the penalties. But what I've missed the most is McGovern blocking as a fullback. We haven't seen anyone replace him there. So I think I'd go back to Williams at LG and McGovern as the backup, doing short-yardage fullback situations.

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