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Mailbag: Biggest Challenge On Defense? FB Role?


Why did the Cowboys keep a fullback on the roster but don't use him? Maybe they should do that more instead of single-back offense. More under center and use play-action after establishing running game and taking shots downfield.


Bryan: I don't disagree about more 21 personnel, but I'd like to have Keith Smith back here digging those linebackers out of the hole. Olawale is a better overall player than Smith, but he sure isn't that glass-eater that scouts like at the position.

Rob: I don't blame them for trying to spread out defenses. The offense used a lot of three- and four-wide sets against Seattle. And as Bryan said, Olawale is a different type of fullback than they've had. He only got three offensive snaps last Sunday but he can also help on special teams.


Is this Detroit offense with Matt Stafford the toughest challenge yet for the Cowboys' secondary? If so, in what ways?


Bryan: Very tough challenge because they test you with bunch personnel and make you cover them all over the field. They force you not to break down in coverage, because if you do that quarterback will eat you alive by finding the open guy. 

Rob: Russell Wilson can beat you in so many different ways for Seattle, and Stafford is similar in that he gets rid of the ball quickly. The Lions' offense looks more complete than recent years with their success in the run game. And they've got three wideouts in the top 25 in receiving right now. It'll be a challenge, for sure.

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