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Mailbag: Cameron Fleming's Position Flex?




I know this is only Taco's second year, but why did they draft him if he can't replace Tyrone Crawford? I understand it took DeMarcus Lawrence three years to make an impact but a first round draft pick as a backup! Gimme a break! Its not like Crawford is some great DE.

Bryan: I see we have more Crawford hate today. First off, Charlton lines up as a left end. He is protection if something happens to Lawrence or they're unable to re-sign him. Charlton did make improvements as the season went on. He trusted his technique and he became a more productive player. Give the kid a chance to develop a little more before you just call him a bust.

David: I get what you're saying, you want to see your first-round picks play and play well. Personally, I can't bring myself to get worked up. Crawford is a good player. Taco showed promise at the end of last year. Hopefully they're both better in 2018. The Cowboys are going to have four or five solid defensive ends, and they're all going to have a chance to play. It's going to be fine.


Am I the only one being bothered that Cam Fleming is labeled as a flex and not primarily backup left tackle?

Bryan: Fleming is the primary back up at left tackle. The word flex means they would use him on the right side as well if needed. Don't get caught up in words. If something happens to Smith, he's going in the game.

David: Fleming is good enough to be a starter in this league, so I'd imagine the reason the front office paid him so well is because he can do both jobs if he needs to. He'll assuredly be the first man up if something happens to Tyron Smith.

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