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Mailbag: Can young WRs move up depth chart?


It sounds like some of these younger receivers are really stepping up, so given Michael Gallup's struggles last year, do you think one of them can pass him on the depth chart?– Mark Somma/Winchester, VA

Patrik: I'll say this in English and in Spanish: no. I believe most people are too quick to give up on a receiver who was a gamebreaker for the Cowboys and 1,000-yard receiver, and not too long ago. His attempt to return from a torn ACL only 10 months after suffering it was admirable and while, physically, he was good to go; he was anything but in top form mentally. I believe that, especially with the addition of Brandin Cooks to recreate the three-headed hydra that existed with Amari Cooper (takes pressure off of Gallup in coverage), he'll return to form. Does that mean rookies Jalen Moreno-Cropper and Jalen Brooks aren't worth discussing? Of course not. Both, particularly Brooks, is making an impression on all who watch him practice. Both of them are competing against each other though, and not Michael Gallup, and the proof is they'll have to prove their worth on special teams as well (Gallup doesn't play special teams, because he's too valuable to risk there … hint hint).

Nick Harris: While I have been extremely encouraged by the young receivers that have taken a step forward during camp, I've also liked what I've seen from Michael Gallup compared to what we saw from him last year. Also, Jalen Tolbert is going to be the most likely eventual victor for the WR4 spot, and I just don't see him pushing Gallup at this point. There's still a pretty clear tier gap between the two, in my opinion. That being said, Tolbert will have his opportunities early in the season as well as Gallup to make a big splash behind CeeDee Lamb and Brandin Cooks, so there's still certainly a chance for Tolbert to make that next step. I just don't see that being an imminent thing.

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