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Mailbag: Challenges Against The Bills?


This game is extremely important for our young team (as most are to this point). In reviewing game film on the Bills, outside of Josh Allen, I see two players that could give us fits if we do not game plan for them properly: Jordan Phillips on defense and John Brown on offense. Thoughts? - BLAKE BRANDT / VINITA, OK

David: Having spent some time with the Bills' tape, I've got to say I'm pretty concerned about rookie running back Devin Singletary. He's quick, he's shifty, he's surprisingly powerful for a smaller back, and he's got great contact balance. Doesn't that sound like the type of back that has given the Cowboys fits this season? Thankfully, the Bills don't throw him the ball much, but they probably should. Still, he's averaging about 13 touches per game and the Cowboys will have to account for him.

Rob: I'm with Dave on Singletary. He's a sturdy back with good vision and they're giving him more and more work in a committee with Frank Gore. He got his first career 100-yard game last Sunday against Denver. Phillips is their leading sack guy and Brown their most featured receiver. I do think Allen's mobility must be pointed out because Detroit's Jeff Driskel was able to make a lot of plays with his feet two games ago.

The play where Dak threw the ball to Blake Jarwin in the end zone and he was out of bounds: when I played that play back immediately after the play was over, I thought Dak had an opportunity to run the ball there – either a first down, possible touchdown, or at least a fourth-and-1 or 2 situation. Did anyone else see what I saw could happen, or was this totally not the case, hence the reason he threw the ball? - BRAD HARRIS / MAXTON, NC

David: There's a chance he could have. He had one man to beat, a defensive lineman. If he makes that guy miss, he's getting at least five or six yards, if not the first down. It's possible he gets tackled for no gain, but I like his odds of slipping past a defensive tackle. On a night where throwing the ball was so tough, I'd have liked to see him try, rather than throw to a well-covered receiver in the end zone.

Rob: Clearly Dak thought he had a makeable play to Jarwin or he wouldn't have made the throw. I trust him in that situation. But in hindsight, yes, it did look like he had a chance to get to that left sideline for some yards. If it's a more manageable fourth down, they probably go for it.

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