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Mailbag: Clarity On Prescott's Finger Injury?


Is Dak Prescott's finger injury a concern at all? Seeing conflicting reports on the severity, possibly a hairline fracture? Could that affect his passes? - JOE COOK / JACKSON, MS

Nick: From what I've heard, the injury wasn't as serious was what Aikman said on Fox. But even if it's not a fracture, it doesn't have to be much there to affect the passes. Even a cut on the index finger will have a hard time healing because Dak continues to throw the ball. So it's just something to manage. But I don't think it'll be a huge issue moving forward.

Rob: Apparently Troy Aikman on the Fox broadcast referred to Prescott's injury as a hairline fracture. That doesn't appear to be the case. Head coach Jason Garrett didn't provide specifics on the injury but didn't think it affected Prescott's throws against the Rams. "I don't want to get into the medical part of it," Garrett said. "I do know that he has a little injury to his index finger. But he works through it and he does what he needs to do." This doesn't appear to be an issue.

During the 11-day, 3-game losses, I thought some of the guys, understandably, had 'heavy legs' and were worn down physically. It definitely looked like the 10 days off helped them get their energy back, particularly Sean Lee. I think the low number of missed tackles Sunday illustrate that best. Without anymore 10-day breaks, is there any concern about guys 'bouncing back' week-to-week and keeping this energy going? - MARCO ASPAAS / VANCOUVER, WA

Nick: I think that layoff didn't help this team. Jason Garrett didn't use it as an excuse but only said "we didn't handle that very well." But they're back to a regular schedule now and have two opponents in front of them that they know very well. But as for energy, just remember, the Cowboys will be bringing the NFC East caps and shirts up to Philly this week with a chance to clinch the division. If there's a shortage on energy then the Cowboys have bigger issues than we know.

Rob: Well, they're back to a normal weekday schedule these last two weeks of the regular season, so I don't think it's an issue. You might have a point about heavy legs, but the Cowboys aren't using it as an excuse. They've played that schedule before. They didn't do enough things well to win those games but played much better against the Rams. It's in the past now.

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