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Mailbag: Colombo's Impact? Looney's Play?


In the short time period, what changes have you seen Marc Colombo bring to the O-Line? What changes in coaching style, technique and attitude has he brought? Do you expect the line to keep getting better and better, and does his coaching style and the system he is teaching fit our players better? - KIRK S / OOLTEWAH, TN

Bryan: I applaud Jason Garrett for making this change. Paul Alexander was a poor fit and the results proved that. Marc Colombo is respected not only by the staff for his intense demeanor but by the players as well. As a unit they will be more tough-minded and technique sound, which is something that Alexander couldn't bring.

Rob: We've seen a difference, for sure. The Philly game might have been their best performance yet. We've talked about the technique changes that former O-Line coach Paul Alexander brought. The veteran linemen are more familiar with Colombo's approach. A staple of this line and offense is their ability to wear down defenses as the game goes on, and I think we saw them get stronger with the run game last Sunday.


How do you think Joe Looney is doing so far this year? He seems to playing well as a starting offensive lineman. Do you think when Travis Frederick returns to play center, hopefully by the start of training camp next year, do you think Joe could compete with Connor Williams on the starting left guard position next year? - NICHOLAS FABER / MIDDLETON, WI

Bryan: I think that Joe Looney has been outstanding and I believe he's found his niche as a center. If I was him I'd continue to want to play it, if not here but elsewhere. By the way, Travis Frederick is making progress but to say he'll be back before training camp next season we need to wait and see. There is still a long road there.

Rob: I believe Connor Williams is their starter next year. They've invested a second-round pick and he has shown promise, despite how well Xavier Su'a-Filo played in his place last week. There's no timetable for Frederick's return yet, like you said, but Looney has been effective. Head coach Jason Garrett credited Looney with handling communication up front that made Su'a-Filo's job easier against Philly.

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