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Mailbag: Concerns about Lamb missing OTAs?


All indications are that CeeDee Lamb will not be attending the start of OTAs on Monday. Obviously he's a veteran and knows the system, but do you still have any concern about him not being on hand to work with Dak Prescott and mentor the younger receivers? – Ted Everson/Phoenix, AZ

Nick Eatman: I don't know if "concern" is the right word. If you're old enough to remember Emmitt Smith's 1993 season, he didn't do anything in the offseason, missed training camp and the first two games ... and then won NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP. So these guys can certainly get themselves ready to play in their own way and still be fine. But at the same time, the more continuity the receiver and quarterback can have together, the better. The way I see it, there's about four levels to this and we're just one the first one. He's missing some voluntary OTAs right now. That's not the biggest deal in the world. Next is the mandatory minicamp and then comes training camp and then of course, is the regular-season games. Right now we're on the first level but if it gets into third and definitely the fourth, then the concern will be much higher. My gut tells me he'll have a contract before training camp.

Patrik: I personally have zero concerns about the readiness of CeeDee Lamb, regardless of when he reports. He's the consummate professional and, to be honest, his absence during voluntary programs doesn't mean he isn't putting in work outside of the facility. This is something Dak Prescott hinted largely at recently, when the All-Pro quarterback made it known he and Lamb plan to get plenty of reps in — likely in the famous "D4Kyard" where Prescott and his receivers often put in tons of work (and where Lamb can also mentor the younger WRs). Considering Lamb is also familiar with the offensive system and play caller, meaning there's no learning curve there for him, which goes to his ability to jump right in when things get sorted on the business front.

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