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Mailbag: Concerns Against Washington Sunday?


Knowing that the playoffs aren't totally in their control, what has the approach and attitude of the team been like this week and what are your concerns against Washington? - MATTHEW K / DALLAS, TX

Nick: If we know Jason Garrett at all, you know he's going to tell them there's only one thing to control and that's playing Washington. That's all they can do, so I don't think the mindset changes much from any other game. The concerns of facing the Redskins would be turning the ball over and giving them easy chances to cash in. And if Dak and his receivers play like they did last week, scoring points will again be a challenge.

Rob: From what we've heard, practices and approach have been good this week. That hasn't always translated to consistency on the field this season, but sounds like the focus is there. The worst possible thing would be to lose this Washington game and find out Philly opened the door for a division title. Case Keenum played well at quarterback in the first meeting and was efficient in relief last week, so the defense has to be on point. And they can't let Chris Thompson (41 catches this season) beat them in the screen and short passing game.

Is there impact being felt from 2019 rookie class? This class has been an outlier in comparison to their recent classes. Perhaps they were more draft-dependent than everybody thought? - WILLIAM LOTT / CARROLLTON, TX

Nick: I really can't recall a draft class that has contributed less in this first season. That doesn't mean it's a bad class but you certainly would've liked to see more. It starts with Trysten Hill, who hasn't been good enough to even be active. That has to be disappointing. Pollard has been pretty good but that's really it. I bet Connor McGovern gives them something next year and maybe Joe Jackson and Donovan Wilson are ready to play bigger roles as well. As for right now, the class looks rather weak.

Rob: Got to allow more than one year to judge a class. No argument they haven't gotten major contributions from the rookies, and that does impact the depth of the roster. Tony Pollard's role has fluctuated drastically but they really like his potential as a complement to Zeke Elliott. Connor McGovern will come back healthy next year and the hope is Trysten Hill learns from his growing pains. You do have to count Amari Cooper as part of this class and he's a major part of this offense despite lower production this last stretch of the season. Overall the front office has a strong batting average with the draft.

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