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Mailbag: Could Hanna See A Bigger Role In The Offense?


Could James Hanna possibly see a larger role in the Cowboys' offense? He looked like he played very well considering his limited plays.

Bryan: On Talkin' Cowboys (10:30 – 11:30am M-F) we have been screaming to get Hanna more in the mix and finally coaches have come around to our thinking. No I am just kidding, but I have heard from those that watch practice every day that Hanna and Kyle Orton attack the defense down after down with great success. The only question I had about Hanna was his ability to be more than a 50-50 catcher of the ball and he looks so much better than that. Hanna has a great one to learn from in Jason Witten to see how he prepares every day. Hanna will get more opportunities because he does present problems in coverage.

Rowan: It's definitely something the Cowboys will need to consider, and I see him being more involved going forward. The only problem with getting him more touches is receivers like Cole Beasley and Dwayne Harris also have warranted more looks, and there's only so many targets each player can get. If teams also have to focus on Hanna in the slot, it should take some focus off of Jason Witten, which will only help the Cowboys' offense. Hanna nearly had a touchdown reception early in the year and seemed to be forgotten about for a while after. That doesn't seem to be the case any longer.


Isn't it strange how last season Dez Bryant seemed to disappear in the second half of games, and now he's quiet in the first half and amazing in the second? What is the reason for the change?

Bryan: Bryant is a more confident player in that he trusts what he is doing route wise and he doesn't get frustrated when teams try and take him out of the game. He has become more of a big picture player and understands that not every ball is going in his direction. He knows that teams are going to try and take him out of the game but he has to keep running his routes with purpose and when one time he gets that single coverage, he has to make the play.

Rowan: Well, this whole team seems to struggle in the first half offensively before turning it on in the second, but credit Bryant for not getting frustrated with a low output in the first half of games this year. I think in past seasons frustration tended to build the more he wasn't targeted early in games. He understands the system more and understands there will be times when he won't have the matchup quarterback Tony Romo wants, though he still wants the ball as much as possible. He's also taken his game to another level and become the elite receiver many thought he had the potential to be.

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