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Mailbag: Could Marinelli Be A Possible DC Replacement?


Given Coach Marinelli's success in the past, was he brought on board as a possible replacement at defensive coordinator given the age of Coach Kiffin?

Nick: I don't want to go that far and say he's the replacement. But I do think Marinelli will probably have more duties than the type defensive line coach. There has been talk he might be named assistant head coach at some point, too. But with Marinelli's experience, I could see him being a right-hand man to Kiffin. And if things go well, yes he could probably move into that role at some point.

Bryan: I don't think so at all. I believe that Marinelli was brought in here to help with the defensive line. The guy that I would watch off this defensive staff that could learn the scheme and advance with it is Matt Eberflus. I see this as a great career opportunity for him. He understands the Ryan system of the 3-4 and now has a shot to learn from Kiffin in this 4-3. Mike Zimmer did the same thing while here under Parcells. Noticed at the Senior Bowl that Kiffin and Eberflus were always hanging around together talking shop, keep an eye on him.


If the Cowboys would have a shot at a stud left tackle, do you think they may take him and move Smith back to the right side?

Nick: That's not out of the question. Then again, where you getting this stud? The 18th pick in the draft? I don't know if he's going to be a stud, or at least someone you can count on right away to play left tackle. And I don't see them paying high dollars in free agency for one. I think you need to let Smith settle into the position and stop moving him back and forth. He's a left tackle and he actually played pretty well down the stretch.

Bryan: Are you talking about if they have a chance to draft Eric Fisher from Central Michigan, because he is your stud left tackle that they could most likely trade up for a few spots and make that work. I don't see them doing something like that. I believe they will sit there and either select a defensive linemen, guard or a safety. They see Tyron Smith as their left tackle for years to come, so they will do all they can to try and make sure that they have the right guy on the right side.

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