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Mailbag: Could Murray's Time Off End Up A Blessing?


Could the injury to Demarco Murray be a blessing since he's well rested for the rest of the season while other guys are breaking down?

Rowan: It depends what Murray you get when he returns. It should help that he hasn't taken much contact the last few weeks, but it might take him a little time to get back in the groove. He's been out four games already, so he may need a couple games to return to his previous shape. If he's completely healthy upon his arrival and is able to get his legs back under him, it could be beneficial toward the last quarter of the year.

Jonny: His rest might be a positive, but you never know how his foot might react once he returns. Even the slightest possibility of re-injury cancels out the benefit of rest. Plus, rehab can be a long, tiring process. It's not as if Murray has been sitting on the couch resting. But assuming he comes back at full strength, I think the momentum that the Cowboys could gain from getting him back is certainly a positive. It never hurts to get one of your best weapons back in the lineup.  


I was just thinking since on Sunday they will be turning around in four days to play our division rivals, should we have our important starters pulled by the fourth quarter to keep them from getting hurt, especially since this should be an easy win?

Rowan: If you think this will automatically be an easy win because the Browns only have two victories this year, you've been watching a different Cowboys team than me. The Cowboys have been in most games but have also failed to blow out any opponent this year. This is a Browns team that doesn't commit many turnovers and tends to stay in games until the end. If the Cowboys have a commanding lead in the waning minutes, it might make sense to give them rest. Otherwise, if it's remotely close, all the starters will and should stick it out.

Jonny: I think in the event of a complete blowout that might be considered, but to be honest, I don't see that happening. The Browns have played better than people realize this year and have really only been blown out in one game against the Giants. Even if the Cowboys have a relatively comfortable lead (10-14 points) in the fourth quarter expect the starters to play until the end. Every win is critical right now and they can't afford to risk any type of collapse.

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