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Mailbag: Could The Cowboys Have Won The Super Bowl?; Assessing Lee's Injury?

I enjoyed this last Super Bowl very much. However, during the entire game, I was asking myself "Are either one of these teams that much better than the Cowboys?" Personally, I think we would have beaten either team.

Bryan: Both the teams that made it to the Super Bowl deserved to be there. Sure it took for some crazy plays for the Seahawks to make it but the bottom line is that they did what they had to do. I do not think that the Cowboys would have beaten the Patriots just for the reasons that we saw last Sunday – Tom Brady. The lack of pressure would have been a nightmare for this secondary and on defense, they would have figured out a way to limit the opportunities for Bryant and Witten with these corners.

David:It's totally understandable why you'd think the Cowboys could have won it, given the way these playoffs played out. Dallas lost by the thinnest of margins in Green Bay, and then the Packers lost by the thinnest of margins in Seattle. Obviously, the Seahawks were a yard away from beating New England. In a league with this much parity, you can never say for sure. I think the Cowboys could have gone up to Seattle and gotten a win -- they did it once, after all. But I'm not sure this team could have handled the Patriots. Tom Brady would have had all day to throw, and Gronk would have had his way with this secondary.

Everyone I talk to seems to just assume Sean Lee will be back as good as new and be a big part of the defense. I look at his injury history, and this latest knee, and have to be concerned will he ever be able to play 16 games. Just how good can we expect him to be only one year removed from the injury?

Bryan: I do agree with you about the concern of his injury history, but in the same breath I am not going to bet against him in getting ready for this upcoming season. In visiting with him and physically seeing him with my own eyes is what leads me to that thought. He is due to have a good run and I believe that this is that season.

David:In this day and age, the recovery period for an ACL injury is roughly eight or nine months. Typically, ACL injuries happen to players during the season, which puts them in a time crunch to recover. What's working in Lee's favor is that he suffered the injury in May. By the time the 2015 season opener rolls around, he'll have had 16 months to recover. Now, it's totally fair to question his durability, considering how many injuries he's suffered over the years. There's really no way to predict that other than to hope for the best. Perhaps moving him to the weak side spot would limit the contact he takes during the course of a year.

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