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Mailbag: Covering the loss of Jourdan Lewis?


How do the Cowboys cover the loss of cornerback Jourdan Lewis? Is the rookie DaRon Bland ready to take over? Could we perhaps see Anthony Brown move into the slot and Kelvin Joseph or Nahshon Wright finally get more time? – Larry B., Springfield, MO

Patrik: It's a big loss, but having seen DaRon Bland emerge as one of the stars of training camp this summer, I'm confident that he can step in and get the job done in the absence of Lewis. And it's not simply what Bland did in July and August but also when he was thrust into the role against the Washington Commanders on short notice, going from zero defensive reps this season to more than 50. And what he put on film was more than solid, including his first career interception. Bland will get first crack at it with Kelvin Joseph and Nahshon Wright seeing reps as well, the latter two in a direct competition as the team also considers some different personnel groupings.

Kyle: There's not really one true answer on who will fill that role specifically. It'll most likely be a cast of characters. It starts with Bland. The rookie has shown nothing but growth and consistency since the start of his first offseason with the team. Additionally, during one of his few chances to make an impact this season, he converted with an interception against Cincinnati in Week 2. Joseph and Wright will certainly see their roles increase, and even see time during practice or a game rotation to see how they can contribute as well. The Brown move inside may be apparent at times, but I anticipate most of his responsibilities would remain on the outside until it is seen how the slot will be worked out.

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