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Mailbag: Cowboys' Plans For The Supplemental Draft?



Do you see the Cowboys taking a chance on either of the defensive players eligible for the supplemental draft? With linebacker and defensive tackle being a need, what would you offer for either of these players?

Bryan: I am going to make this quick and simple: the Dallas Cowboys will not take part in the supplemental draft.

David: As Bryan indicated, the Cowboys don't seem overly interested in this year's supplemental draft – and that's a good thing. It doesn't appear from the outside that this group has the talent to merit giving up a future draft pick, and the Cowboys would be wise to hold on to as many of those as they can.


In your opinion, will the production of a 100 percent healthy Tyrone Crawford, DeMarcus Lawrence, and/or Jeremy Mincey be as productive or more productive than the 75 percent healthy DeMarcus Ware the Cowboys had the last couple of years?


Bryan: I always take the approach when it comes to these rushers by looking at how offensive coordinators would handle them in a game. At 75 percent, DeMarcus Ware still causes problems because there would be that once or twice during a game where his rush causes issues with the scheme. That kind of explosive ability causes coordinators the most problems during the week in preparation and during the game. With that being said, I still like what I have seen from Lawrence off the edge in college and also working against Tyron Smith as a pass rusher, so that should help. I believe where Crawford is going to have his most success as a rusher will be inside at the nickel tackle where he can use his quickness against those guards that are not use to handling that type of movement.

David: It's a valid point, and it's something I've been thinking about since the Cowboys drafted Lawrence. They don't have a defensive lineman on the roster who is as talented as Ware was at the peak of his game. But is this entire rotation stronger than what the Cowboys had with a hobbled Ware last year? I think they might be. This group might not have a single guy reach double-digit sacks, but perhaps they'll have several who get close – much like Seattle last year.

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