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Mailbag: Dak & QB Accuracy; 2016 Draft Rewind


It seems as if the only real question about whether Dak Prescott is a franchise QB or not has to do with his accuracy. His football IQ is high, he is mobile, he is tough, has a good enough arm and has shown excellent leadership traits since he was rookie. Dak still struggles with accuracy in Year 3. Is it possible for Dak or any QB to become more accurate? Or is it just something you have or don't? - JEFF GALLO

Bryan: It's one of those either you do or you don't. Where he can improve is with his anticipation, and that just comes with more experience and confidence of the players around him.

Rob: Believe it or not, we've seen Dak Prescott be an accurate quarterback. A very accurate quarterback. He completed nearly 68 percent of his passes as a rookie. And, we've seen him make tough, accurate throws at times this season – the Willie-Mays style catch by Zeke Elliott at the end of the Lions game comes to mind. He's acknowledged that he can improve his consistency in that area, and while I've said over and over that you can't blame one area for the offense's struggles, the best way to help him is with more time in the pocket. He had cleaner pockets as a rookie and I don't think that's a coincidence.


Obviously we drafted a great player in Ezekiel Elliott. But with Jacksonville coming to town, just curious how big of a debate it was, if any, between Zeke and Jalen Ramsey, who has also become a Pro Bowl caliber player? - MIKE S / PLANO, TX

Bryan: The same discussion between Tyron Smith and J.J. Watt. Both teams got great players. They drafted Elliott to help Tony Romo but it ended up helping Prescott. In the long term future it probably would have been better to draft the defensive back, but they shouldn't have any regrets.

Rob: The Cowboys liked Ramsey a lot coming into that draft but ultimately decided Elliott was the best choice to help their offense and in turn, their defense, with a ball-control attack. We've seen the defense grow into a much more talented group since then. It's worked out well for both teams.

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