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Mailbag: Dak's Durability? Expectations For Damontre' Moore This Week?

No one has talked about the near injury Dak had in the Denver game. Do you feel we are in the same situation as we were with Tony, where if Dak goes down, so does the season? I like Rush, not sold on Moore, but either way this year, I don't think either steps in the way Dak did for Tony.

Bryan: Usually when your starting quarterback goes down you're in trouble. The coaches staff had a game plan for Prescott last season and I am sure that they'd have a plan for Moore or Rush. With the weapons they have the game will not be on the quarterback's shoulders anyway. 

David:I thought Dak's injury scare on Sunday showed exactly why the Cowboys aren't too worried about their backup quarterback position. Dak twisted up in a bad way on that tackle, and he didn't miss a snap. He's 24 years old, and he's 6-2, 238 pounds. This isn't a guy that's super susceptible to injury. Obviously, anything can happen on any snap, but the guy under center is about as durable as quarterbacks come.

What can we expect from Damontre' Moore coming back off of suspension? He looked good playing for Seattle at the end of the year. Will he be fighting with Mayowa for playing time?

Bryan: I would think that he's in the rotation this year from what I had seen during training camp. He worked well with the other linemen and he's fresh. The big question will be who do they sit or do they dress all of those ends? I could see Charlton or Tapper inactive this week. 

David:Forget last season, Moore looked fantastic during training camp. Hopefully he hasn't lost all that progress he made, as the Cowboys would love for their pass rush to take another step forward. I'm going to guess that he rotates in at right end.

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