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Mailbag: Did Lack Of Preseason Snaps Hurt Offense?


Do you think there is any relation to the poor offensive performance, especially in the passing game, and the fact that the top starters never played a down during the preseason? - MIKE LUCAS / ROCHESTER, NY

Patrik: You could fairly make that point, but there is recent evidence to the contrary when you look at what Dak Prescott was able to do in Week 1 of the 2021 season after having been injured for roughly the entire month of August. And considering Prescott not only had several weeks of first-team snaps with the same receivers who took the field on Sunday - sans Jalen Tolbert - I believe it was simply a very, very bad day at the office that was fueled by poor outings from Prescott, his WR group and also the decision to abandon Ezekiel Elliott and the run game (which was the only thing working). I mean, honestly, plenty of teams who played starters in August took an L in Week 1, so this wasn't that.

Kyle: It's tough to really tab just one reason for the debacle that unfolded on Sunday, but I don't believe the lack of preseason reps really played an impact. That doesn't mean there were absolutely no mistakes with timing and communication at times on offense. Both things that could've been ironed out a little in the preseason. However, the problem goes deeper than that. There was a notable lack of execution and an absence of preparation that put Dallas behind the eight ball early. Even Tampa Bay linebacker Devin White outlined that the Dallas game plan was simplistic enough that the Buccaneers were able to decipher it in Week 1. Luckily, that won't always be the case as thoughts and plans will evolve as the season goes along to eventually throw teams off the trail. But even though it's only week one of the NFL season, the lack of one or two full series for starters in the preseason can't be a valid excuse of why things went so poorly on Sunday.

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