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Mailbag: Difficulty Trimming Roster From 90 To 53?


From a fan's perspective I love the change to one roster cut-down day. Having 90 players throughout all the preseason games allows the starters to rest more and hopefully avoid injuries late in preseason. But it also means that the window to acquire players that others teams have cut is much smaller and will be more chaotic. As almost 1,200 players will hit the street on the same day. How does the team view it?


Bryan: That's a really good question. They're happy to have all their players for that final game. They also like the fact that they can look at the possible cuts for one more game off other rosters. It's really a win-win for everyone.

Rob: The team prefers this rule change for the reasons you stated. In the past, due to injuries at the time, they might've had to make certain cuts from 90 to 75 just to make sure they had the proper rotations for the final preseason game. That doesn't help your long-term strategy of getting the best 53 guys on the team.

I know it would be extremely difficult for Joel Lanning to make this roster given the depth at LB, but this guy is just a football player. What are your thoughts on him and do you think he is someone they would keep on the practice squad?


Bryan: I understand what you're asking here but you're right, it will be difficult to make this team. With 10 practice squad spots, he has a chance, but there are others that have more talent they're likely to keep over him. He's going to get to play that entire final preseason game to make his case one way or another.

Rob: I agree that it'll be tough for him to make the 53. But he does seem like a good practice squad candidate because he's versatile enough to simulate multiple roles and give the team different looks. Jameill Showers has been really good in that regard as a former quarterback.

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