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Mailbag: Do The Cowboys Need To Bring In A Fullback?


Do you guys think having a hard-hitting FB in the backfield rather than a TE could improve the running game?

Nick: I think he could improve the running game, yes. Finding one that will come in and also help some on special teams could be a challenge. But without a doubt, I think this team misses having a fullback like that.

Rowan:The Cowboys committed to the "12" personnel and believed with the zone blocking scheme they were fine without a fullback. But yes, it seems right now that Murray might be better suited with a fullback that he can work behind. He worked well behind Tony Fiammetta. But the Cowboys have [embedded_ad] operated all offseason without one, and it may take a few more poor performances on the ground before they commit to a free agent fullback and employ that back into the playbook.

In the first game we didn't go to Dez because of coverage. What was the reason Romo stop going to him in the second half this game?

Nick: I could sit here and tell you how much the Chiefs changed their scheme around and put a safety more over the top – which they did – but with his athletic ability it seems like Dez is always a good option to throw to because he can make a play on the ball. I really think Tony has been trained over and over to be smarter with the ball and not force it to covered receivers. And now we're telling him it's Ok with Dez because he can out-athlete his defender and win. Personally, I put that on Austin and Witten. They changed what they did to Dez and those other two didn't make enough plays as a result.

Rowan: There's never a reason to stop going to Bryant after he starts the game with five catches on five targets for 100 yards and a touchdown. When Bryant gets going early like that, there's no such thing as targeting him too much. He did have a crucial drop, but he was also the one player capable of making a game-changing play, and while he led the Cowboys by a large margin in targets, it probably should have been even more than it was. Romo was also just off target at the end of the game, and had he been more accurate, it may not have been as much of an issue.

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