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Mailbag: Do The Cowboys Regret Not Signing Laurent Robinson?


Is it fair to say the Cowboys regret passing on Laurent Robinson following another example of Dez Bryant's unreliability?

Josh: I think the Cowboys regret the fact that the price tag for Robinson was as high as it was, because they would've loved to have him back. But paying so much at receiver would've compromised them at other positions. So maybe you don't get Nate Livings. Or maybe you don't get Dan Connor, or even Brandon Carr. Without Robinson, yeah, they're forced to rely on Bryant, which probably isn't ideal.

Nick: I bet the Cowboys regret not having Robinson on the team, especially right now with this situation. But they didn't want to pay him anything more than $4-5 million per season and he got $6.5 million per year. That's a huge difference and at that point, they had to let him walk. I have my doubts that Robinson will be worth the money he got in Jacksonville. Totally different situation.


Could the Cowboys still be looking for help at safety? The Jets released Jim Leonhard.

Josh: You can argue that they should be looking for help there. I personally think they could use more competition at the position than Brodney Pool, who a lot of people don't think can play anymore, and Barry Church, who may or may not be a starting-caliber talent, and Matt Johnson, who has a long way to go. Leonhard can play. But, I would be surprised if they add a vet. They want to give those three guys a chance.

Nick: I think this team is satisfied with the safety position. The veteran they signed off the street was Brodney Pool but they wouldn't mind seeing Church or Matt Johnson unseat him. Yes, a guy like Leonhard is out there, but why? Signing him now doesn't solve your problem. The Cowboys need to find out if Church and/or Johnson can be the answer. If not, it falls back on Pool.

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