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Mailbag: Does Cornerback Need To Be Addressed?



With the Redskins' pick up of DeSean Jackson, does that kind of give the Cowboys a reason to select a wide receiver with an earlier pick -- for example Allen Robinson -- just to keep up the pace with the other offenses in the NFC East?

David: Well, it doesn't sound smart to make draft decisions based purely on the moves division rivals are making. But I've said a lot this offseason that the depth behind Dez Bryant and Terrance Williams is not great. Cole Beasley has a very specific skillset, and Dwayne Harris has shown far more aptitude as a special teamer to this point. It doesn't have to be an early pick, but I don't think it'd hurt to address it.

Rowan: If anything, it might give them a reason to bolster the secondary more. I don't think keeping pace by matching the moves of NFC East rivals is the way to go about it. Their decision to draft a wide receiver – which I think would make sense – should be based on their own squad more so than the others in division.



With all the attention going to the defensive line, has anyone thought about the depth at cornerback? We have four cornerbacks. I don't see a linebacker being drafted, but what's the thought on cornerback?

David: Fans don't seem to want to hear it, but the top three of Brandon Carr, Morris Claiborne and Orlando Scandrick – in some kind of order on the depth chart – looks pretty concrete to me. B.W. Webb wasn't inspiring as a rookie, but there's still time to hope for improvement there. And as of right now, Sterling Moore is currently on the roster, though who knows what the plan is for him. If they spent another draft pick on another corner, I'd bet it's one of the late picks. It just doesn't look like a position that needs to be heavily invested in for 2014.

Rowan: I wouldn't be surprised if they took one with one of their late picks. I would be surprised if that pick happened in the first few rounds. They're pretty heavily invested in Carr, Claiborne and Scandrick and still believe in all three corners. I could certainly see a linebacker taken in those first few rounds, however.

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