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Mailbag: Does The Cowboys' Talent Get Overestimated?


I hear a lot of people talk about Garrett not being able to capitalize on this wealth of talent on this Cowboys team. I am just wondering where are all these talented players? I see an OK team that fights till the end but is over matched by better teams.

Nick: I tend to agree. I think we see guys here that are first-round picks and call them talented. Or see a guy who has a $50 million contract and we call him talented, when really it's just the going rate for certain positions. To me, we've seen different players around here and think they are pretty good, but the reality is, every team in the league has guys like this. I wouldn't call this team more talented than most.

Jonny: I think that's a fair assessment. They certainly have some very talented players on their team, but that might be overstated. I think that is just a running label with the Cowboys that they are loaded with talent, but cannot get it together in terms of wins. It comes with the territory. If the Cowboys switched rosters with another team, the label probably wouldn't go away. 


Do you feel that the Cowboys must go at least 9-7, showing at least some improvement from last season, in order for Jason Garrett to keep his job?

Nick: I really don't have a feel for the specific number of wins. I think it's how they play down the stretch. If there are some games where the team is not competitive and gets blown out and/or clock management is a huge issue, then maybe there will be some problems for Garrett coming back. I think Sean Payton's availability is also a factor here. But overall, I think Garrett will be back, unless this team just falls apart.  

Jonny: My gut feeling is that they would have to go 9-7 for Garrett to keep his job. I think that Jerry Jones does trust Garrett, but they don't want to be in a situation where they keep him next year and start regretting it midseason. Switching things up in the offseason would be better than the awkward turmoil that the Eagles are currently in with Andy Reid. That being said, I do think 9-7 would be enough for Garrett to keep his job.

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